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Online Research Communities

Never before has it been easier to get the right bunch of people in the one place to tap into their thoughts for research.

Your Source is the Australian industry leader in the online community space, having pioneered online research communities in Australia. Since launching our first product in 2008, we have worked alongside a number of businesses and operated over 20 communities for clients in the Government, Services and FMCG sectors.

Using the latest research techniques married with emerging online technologies, Your Source's new Your Community offer enables faster, cheaper and more flexible research than ever before. Employing both quantitative and qualitative tools, our 'Your Community' platform will enable you to continue to engage with and develop deeper understanding of your customers.

Your Source prides itself on providing products that meet the needs of every client we work with. We recognise that each client may want different functionality and to interact with their community members differently.

From our base platform offer, each community can subsequently be scaled up or down depending on these individual client needs.

Your Community is 100% hosted and operated in Australia and has been created in-house by Your Source's dedicated Technical Services team. Your Community is built around a wide range of plug-in research tools, each enabling the ability to drill down and understand customer responses. These tools are both quantitative (surveys and quick polls) and qualitative (discussions, live chats, image and video uploads, webinars) in nature and can be customised dependent on your requirements.

The Your Community platform can be either a private or open online environment. Members complete a profiling survey when first registering to the panel, along with agreeing to the forums terms and conditions. Each member has their own customised homepage, featuring research activities they are yet to complete, news articles, prize winners, member profiles etc. The profile provides an excellent set of variables to cut and dice data and to focus future questions.

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Face to Face Research

If you are looking for research that is on site and face-to-face, then we can help you out.

Whether it be shelf testing, intercept interviewing or usage simulation tests, which can be run as projects on paper, laptops, iPads or even as in-home testing.

Your Source has more than 10 years' experience in face-to-face intercept, observation and shopping behaviour research in supermarkets, shopping centres, streets and special events nationwide and is experienced in executing this across multiple locations at once.

Your Source has vast experience in one-to-one interviews, one-to-many interviews (self-completion surveys), purchase simulation tests and usage simulation tests. This experience stretches across many different industries, such as FMCG, government, telecommunications, luxury goods, IT and stationery.
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National Omnibus

All aboard the National Your Source Omnibus! Australia's leading weekly omnibus as seen on Sky News.

The Your Source National Omnibus departs each Tuesday and carries with it questions from varied walks of life.

Each week we interview at least 1000 people from around Australia. Our Omnibus is nationality representative, being sampled by ABS statistics and post weighted specifically to ABS.

Your data will be delivered with 10 base demographic questions at no extra cost. No need to exclude testing images or videos; given that our Omnibus is online we can cover all of this off for you.

Book in advance as places on the Omnibus do fill up fast!
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Social Research

Being able to effect change in people's everyday lives is one of the great things we do at Your Source.

Our work in social research allows us to get in and produce fieldwork that can deliver needed change to the community.

Our Social interviewing team are second to none and far reaching. We get it. We understanding that need for rigorous replicable fieldwork administration. Not only do we have a call centre of dedicated and trained interviewers, but we also have access to remote indigenous networks and research assistants.

Our specialist research interviewers appreciate the sensitivities and protocols of potentially vulnerable audiences, Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders, culturally and linguistically diverse persons and persons with a disability. As such, we can assist you with methodological reviews and give technical design advice.
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Online Research

Online has changed the landscape of data collection in recent years, as it offers so many benefits to participants and clients.

We have been running our own online community in Australia for over 10 years. It is a self-managed, nationwide online panel that is representative of Australian Bureau of Statistics demographics. Its features include a weekly omnibus, invitation web surveys and online qualitative research (focus groups, blogs and forums). You name it, we've done it, including segmentation, usage and attitudes, customer satisfaction, tracking, concept testing, pack testing, price testing, ad testing/ad recall, choice modelling, conjoint analysis, best/worst and performance profiles. We have worked across many industries such as social research, education, telecommunication, media and FMCG to name a few.

To find out more, contact us and we'll fill you in on all the details: Online Bulletin board | AdValuate | Buzz Numbers | Smartphone and tablet research | Online Focus Groups

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Sensory Research

We love food! So if Sensory testing is your thing, then you can't go past us.

We boast the largest commercial sensory facilities in the southern hemisphere as well as grade 1 laboratories accredited through AQIS to also handle quarantine products. The most important aspects of sensory research are second nature to Your Source.

Our facilities are conveniently located next to or within large shopping centres and are suited to all age groups. The lab itself is fitted with equipment to handle almost any sensory requirements and has large food preparation areas and cooking facilities.

Having completed over 11,000 product tests in Australia and New Zealand, Your Source can assist you with all types of Sensory research; shelf standouts, shopper observations, eye tracking or you can even tap into the experience of our trained panellists.

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Qualitative Research

When a room with a view is needed, give Your Source a call.

We pre-recruit respondents and can sample in proportion to the Australian Bureau of Statistics for gender, education and qualification levels. We do not recruit from schools, clubs or groups, thus avoiding attitudinal bias.

Of course if you prefer to do your groups online we can accommodate that too! Online groups are particularly useful when getting to a central location just isn't possible for respondents.

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Data Processing

Advanced Analytics

Clean data is like clean water – take it for granted at your peril. At Your Source you have your choice of analysis from the simplest topline report to the advanced analytics of marketing science. And because we work exclusively in the operations area, we are industry experts. We don't just collate and clean data; we understand it and what it means to your business.

Our successful Advanced Analytics is built on our ability to understand your business objectives. This allows us to create dependable models and clearly communicate their implications to your overall strategy and bottom line. Some of the challenging questions our clients face and the tools we provide to help guide their answers are:
  • How should limited marketing resources be allocated to maximise market share? Market Mix Modelling
  • What volume will a new line extension or modification of an existing product generate and how much will it cannibalise the market share of current offerings? Choice Modelling
  • What sensory attributes should I modify to optimise my product offering? Are there gaps in the market we can exploit to increase Market Share? Cluster Preference Mapping
  • How can a new product concept be optimized for the broadest overall appeal? Purchase Driver Analysis
  • What is required to satisfy unsatisfied customers and delight those already satisfied? Threshold Analysis
  • What is the best repositioning strategy for the brand? Density Mapping
  • What market segments are the most profitable and how should I be marketing to them? Segmentation Analysis
  • What is the optimal price for my product? Price Sensitivity Analysis

Data Mining

Don't overlook the treasures in your data – we can go looking for them for you. You might already have data that we can assist you to shed some light on. Our Data Management Team can utilise existing data sets to answer key questions within your business.

Participant Management Databases

Working with longitudinal studies of mixed methodology or complex experimental designs can be tricky. It's important to have the right tools in place to manage the job at hand. Your Source has just the trick.

We utilise technological solutions to effectively manage sample, monitor retention, minimise attrition and track participation to maximise response. With the use of our Online dashboard you can have real time access to customised reports and monitor the progress if your project live.

Your Source Reporting Options

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Telephone (CATI) Research

With over 120 active CATI stations and 80 overflow stations, our experienced staff can cope with the largest of projects and with numerous supervisors in Melbourne and Sydney, we can manage many projects simultaneously.

These facilities are designed to ensure the highest quality data collection by providing monitoring options such as audio playback and listening in on interviews.

Our team of experienced interviewers can cope with the largest of projects as well as small ad hoc projects, both domestically and internationally.

With experience across a range of sectors and industries we've got you covered from B2B, consumer, social/government and general population surveys. We have ongoing tracks and ad hoc CATI projects for customer satisfaction surveys, social research, brand awareness, brand health/track, opinion surveys and advertising tracking.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) available.

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Room Hire

Our qualitative research facilities are modern and comfy, and guaranteed to put respondents at ease, while our team looks after your clients. The rooms are conveniently location in Australia's hotspots of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra.

Specialist rooms with closed-circuit television and viewing rooms (with one way mirrors), allow for a great focus on the task at hand. Additionally, refreshments are available for both respondents and viewing clients.

Our qualitative services include moderating, expert transcribing, note-taking and report writing. This can be done to whatever level our clients require. We also offer trained hosting for groups and depth interviews, CD and DVD recording and the ability to host real-time online qualitative groups. Plus, with 24 hour backup recording as a failsafe, this assures the valuable insights gained in sessions will not be lost.


Melbourne (Chadstone)

Room Hire

Room Hire Costs: Standard Room Hire
  • Depth Interviews 1 – 2 hours $150 per session
  • Group Discussions 1 – 2 hours $450 per session
  • Group Discussions 3 hours plus $500 per session
  • Boardroom 3 hours plus $800 per day

Standard Room Hire includes

  • Tea, coffee and standard sandwiches for respondents
  • Water
  • Flip chart and markers
  • Data Projector
  • Notepads and Pens
  • Wireless Internet
  • DVD recording
  • Whiteboard and Markers

Extra Services Available

Transcribing ($2.75per audio minute, on average*)

Client Catering Additional

  • Selection of biscuits and snacks
  • A selection of gourmet sandwiches, biscuits and cakes
  • Gourmet cheese platter with crackers and fruit
  • Hot platter, including mini quiches, voulevonts, mini gourmet pies and other baked goods
  • Orange juice and soft drinks
  • Wine and beer available, please enquire about our prices
  • Take away menus optional
**Vegetarian and special diet options are available

All client catering charged back at cost

Room Dimensions and Capacities

Room Sqm m x m Qual
Theatre Class
Cocktail Banquet
18.36 3.4x5.4 8 12 8 18 12
13.23 2.7x4.9 6 6 8 15 8
72.00 4.0x18.0 12 20 16 30 14
24.05 3.7x6.5 10 15 12 20 14
51.52 5.6x9.2 20 50 24 60 28

Room Contact

To book a room today for your focus group, please contact Debbie Freer +61 02 8873 0875

All other enquiries about room hire, please contact +61 03 9569 0333 or

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Introducing OpinionsPaid

More than just a panel, Your Source has built a community of engaged panellist committed to research. Our panel is full of individuals who want to make a difference in the world around them. OpinionsPaid members are recruited using a variety of methods and all undertake a double ‘opt in’ process to ensure we only get people who want to work with us.

Who’s on it?

Fieldwork is not just a numbers game, but numbers help. Our self-managed consumer panels - currently 110,000 active offline and 60,000 active online - are still growing.

Top five reasons for using the OpinionsPaid Panel:
  • They can be sampled to accurately represent Australian population demographics as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
  • The majority of panel members have been recruited using offline methodologies - effectively ruling out concerns associated with online self-selection recruitment.
  • Sophisticated validation methodologies prevent panellist over-use and ensure member authenticity by excluding 'professional respondents'.
  • We have formed an online community. We have a healthy relationship with our panellists - they're responsive because they want a voice in shaping the future.
  • And we never sell or share our panel, so you can be sure that when you pay for clean data, on time and on budget, that's exactly what you'll get

Want to join our panel?

OpinionsPaid is Your Source's online community, where you can earn rewards, take part in market research surveys and have lots of fun.

When you participate in OpinionsPaid online surveys, your opinions influence the development of new products and services. You provide direction on new product ideas, packaging designs and even get to try products in your own home.

For every survey you complete you receive points which you can purchase a variety of vouchers.
You will also become part of the OpinionsPaid online community! Meet new people and discuss all sorts of interesting topics. Sharing your opinion is easy, fun and confidential. It's absolutely free to join and you even get rewarded for your time today.

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