Our Approach to COVID

In our new COVID ways of working, we regularly assess the impact on our people, projects and programs, to ensure we maintain the delivery of high-quality research for our clients safely and responsibly. While our primary concern is with the wellbeing of our people, our clients and the community, where we can, we remain open and available to service our clients and we continue to offer flexibility, resourcing capability and expertise.

Strategies implemented at our Research Centres to mitigate the risk to our people and our respondents during face-to-face research include and are not limited to:

  • Screening all participants, excluding those who have returned from red zones or have been unwell in the past month.
  • Providing hand sanitiser and sanitiser wipes prior to entry and inside the facility.
  • Displaying posters outlining responsible hygiene in booth/testing areas.
  • Checking and recording respondent temperatures upon arrival and turning away any participant who displays any relevant symptoms.
  • Recording name, time of arrival, time of departure and time spent at facility for each respondent in a COVID traceability record held for 28 days. QR codes are in place
  • Ensuring all refreshments are offered in individual serves and disposable containers.
  • Provision of gloves, masks and regular hand-washing instructions for all staff.
  • Fully sanitising booths/work-stations between each session by wiping down benches, computers, mice, mats etc.
  • Utilising disposable cutlery and crockery for all projects.
  • Ensuring adequate space between participants during both briefing and evaluation phases.
  • Propping doors open to avoid the need to be touched.
  • All staff adhere to food hygiene and COVID-19 safety protocols.
  • Key field staff have attained Infection Control Government COVID-19 accreditation.

These measures are reviewed and updated regularly in accordance with Company and Government policies.

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