Our services.

We offer a full suite of field services including consultation, project design, implementation, analysis, reporting and room hire. Our partnership approach coupled with our operational excellence ensures our client have great experiences and quality outcomes.


Your Source has unparalleled expertise and experience in sensory. We are accredited through AQIS to handle quarantine products. With a national product testing panel of over 140,000 members we have completed more than 6,000 product tests in Australia and New Zealand. We have our own trained panellists and specialised expertise in shelf standouts, shopper observations, eye tracking.

Our commercial sensory facilities are the largest in the southern hemisphere and have sensory booths as well as large food preparation areas and cooking facilities. As our facilities are conveniently located in or near large shopping centres in Melbourne and Sydney, we have easy access to a diverse range of demographics and ethnicities.


Longitudinal research involves capturing data from the same people or variable over short or long periods of time. Often used to inform policy and decision making, it allows data users to observe changes over time and provides a better understanding of circumstances. We have strong expertise in conducting large scale-longitudinal projects including one of Australia’s flagship studies, Footprints in Time: the Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children.

We offer full customisation for each project and focus on providing unique sample management, mixed methodology designs and questionnaire architecture. Our purpose-built proprietary systems enable an autonomous, engaging survey experience for all involved.


We have a call centre with dedicated, specialist Social interviewers who are passionate about delivering needed change to the community. In this space, we understand the requirement for rigorous replicable fieldwork administration and have access to remote indigenous networks and research assistants.

Our team is trained to appreciate the sensitivities and protocols of potentially vulnerable audiences, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, culturally and linguistically diverse people and those with disability.

As such, we can assist with methodological reviews and provide technical design advice to ensure voices from all types of communities are heard.

National Omnibus

Your Source conducts online interviews every fortnight with a nationally representative sample of 1000 Australians aged 18+ on a wide variety of topics.

Our Omnibus is sampled by Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and post weighted specifically to ABS. The turnaround for data is fast with tables delivered on the Monday following completion of fieldwork. It is the perfect way to obtain quick data to feed into campaigns or media stories, learn more about your target audience, track campaigns pre, mid and post or test concepts (images and video clips can be incorporated).

The results of individual client questions remain confidential to the commissioning client. For more information, contact us now.


Our specialist qualitative team conducts both traditional and online qualitative research. We offer recruitment, moderating, expert transcribing, note-taking and report writing.

For recruitment, we can sample in proportion to the Australian Bureau of Statistics for gender, education and qualification levels. To avoid attitudinal bias, we do not recruit from schools, clubs or groups.

We also offer modern facilities, located in Australia’s hotspots of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra.

Room Hire

We have kitchen space and sensory booths for hire in Melbourne and Sydney as well as conference and qualitative rooms with closed-circuit television, live streaming and viewing rooms (with one-way mirrors).

These are located conveniently, in or near major shopping centres which provides easy access to a diverse range of demographics and ethnicities.

Contact us for costs, room dimensions and availability.

Trained Panel

Expert panellists are highly trained across a range of products, categories and methods. Their capability includes sensory profiling, difference and similarity testing and quality appraisal.

In addition to our in-house Syndicated Panel of 25, based in Melbourne, we can also train and manage client specific panels. As required, we run on-site sensory either at our Melbourne research facility or at the client’s office. Our offer includes both sensory consultancy and training.


Our panel comprises a community of engaged panellists who are committed to research. The panel has been running for over 10 years.

Whilst it primarily focuses on product testing for FMCG clients, it also extends to Services and Social / Government sector clients. Representative of the Australian Bureau of Statistics demographics, it features a weekly omnibus, invitation web surveys and online qualitative (focus groups, blogs and forums).

Members are recruited using a variety of methods. All undertake a double ‘opt in’ process to ensure we include only those people who want to work with us to make a difference. We do not sell to third parties.


With extensive experience in online research, our team of experts can script and host any survey as required. Through consultation, we enable our programmers to design surveys that deliver optimal response rates and better respondent experiences.

In addition to utilising our own panel and client lists, we also partner with other panel providers to source sample that meets the specific needs of our clients.

Face to Face

Our long history of conducting face-to-face research spans multiple industries and locations nationwide.

We have a large team of interviewers with methodological expertise in face-to-face intercepts, depth interviews (one-to-one), one-to-many (self-completion surveys), purchase simulation tests, usage simulation tests, observation and shopping behaviour research.

Data processing, analysis and reporting

We provide in-house data processing using OzQuest, Voxco, SurveyCentre and Confirmit software. Data outputs can be provided in several different formats including SPSS and csv files.

Your Source also offers data mining, analysis and reporting. Our team of experts are adept at utilising data from various sources to answer key questions. From the simplest top-line descriptive analysis and reporting to more complex, insight reporting which may include advanced analytics or marketing science.

Telephone (CATI)

With over 30 active CATI stations, 80 overflow stations and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capability in Melbourne, we can cope with any size or type of project.

We also have numerous, experienced supervisors which means we can undertake multiple projects simultaneously. Our monitoring options include audio playback and listening in on interviews, and our expertise extends across B2C, B2B, social/government and general population surveys.

Experience the Difference

Market and social research field consultants who are committed to delivering high quality data.