Our services.

We offer a full suite of field services including end-to-end field services, cross & tab, consultation, project design, implementation, analysis, reporting and facility / room hire. Our partnership approach coupled with our operational excellence ensures our clients have great experiences and quality outcomes.

Product Testing

Your Source has 30 years of unparalleled expertise and experience in sensory research. We are accredited through AQIS to handle quarantine products. With a national product testing panel of over 140,000 members we have completed more than 6,000 product tests in Australia and New Zealand. We have our own trained panelists and specialised sensory expertise in shelf standouts, shopper observations and eye tracking.

Our commercial sensory facilities are the largest in the southern hemisphere and have sensory booths as well as large food preparation areas and cooking facilities for face-to-face research. As our facilities are conveniently located in or near large shopping centres in Melbourne and Sydney, we have easy access to a diverse range of demographics and ethnicities.

Quarantine Approved Premises

Our offices in Chadstone, Melbourne and North Sydney are accredited Quarantine Approved Facilities. This is approved by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. We are authorised through AQIS to receive, evaluate and dispose of imported products making the exploration and evaluation easy and convenient for our clients.


Home Use Testing

Our Project Management team has decades of experience with Home Use Testing for a multitude of brands and products. Our team are experts in managing all aspects of HUT projects which include simple designs to complex multi-cell studies.

From recruitment all over Australia, taking care of product logistics and fulfillment, we are able provide you end to end service with quality results, helping our clients optimize their products before launch.

@HOME Methodologies

We now offer a range of @HOME methodologies in response to the COVID pandemic. These approaches have been developed so that sensory testing can be conveniently and safely operated during COVID lockdown periods.

HUT (Home Use Tests)

Based on the traditional Home Use Test however products are delivered directly to respondents’ home via contactless delivery

CLT @ Home

Based on our traditional face-to-face Central Location Testing approach however sessions are run at home during predetermined times and moderated by one of our experienced Field Leaders via Zoom. This approach retains many of the controls of the Central Location Test.


Trained Panel @ Home

Our Syndicated Trained Panel are now well versed in assessing products at home. Both training and evaluation sessions are run and moderated by our experienced Panel Leaders via Zoom.

Sensory Qual @ Home

Traditionally run by our sensory experts through face-to-face discussion groups, these qualitative sensory groups are now run from the comfort of our respondents’ home via Zoom or VisionsLive. As with all our @HOME methods, products / stimulus is delivered via contactless delivery.


Our specialist qualitative team conducts both traditional and online qualitative research. We offer recruitment, moderating, expert transcribing, note-taking and report writing.

For recruitment, we can sample in proportion to the Australian Bureau of Statistics for gender, education and qualification levels. To avoid attitudinal bias, we do not recruit from schools, clubs or groups.

We also offer modern facilities, located in Australia’s hotspots of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Included in our facilities are sensory kitchens and booths, conference and qualitative rooms with viewing, recording and live streaming capabilities. Today, Your Source is part of Kantar, one of the world’s leading evidence-based insights and consulting companies.

Our Facilities

As specialists in Sensory product testing we have commercial kitchen space equipped with fridges, freezers and cooking appliances. Our facilities incorporate controlled testing environments equipped with 38 sensory booths as well as conference and qualitative rooms with closed-circuit television, live streaming and viewing room (with one-way mirror). We offer a variety of flexible working spaces for seminars, workshops & shopper simulations.


Trained Panel

Our Expert Trained Panellists are highly trained across a range of products, categories and methods. Their capability includes sensory profiling and mapping, discrimination testing, quality appraisal and benchmarking.

In addition to our in-house Syndicated Panel of 25, based in Melbourne, we can also train, build and manage client specific panels. Panels can be run at our Melbourne research facility or at our client’s office, nationwide. Our offer includes both sensory consultancy and training.

Our Panel

Our panel comprises a community of engaged panellists who are committed to research. The panel has been running for over 10 years.

Our primary focus is to test consumer goods and products for FMCG clients from our domestic market however regularly test products from regional and global markets.

Members are recruited using a variety of methods. All undertake a double ‘opt in’ process to ensure we include only those people who want to work with us to make a difference. We do not sell to third parties.

Data processing, analysis and reporting

We provide in-house data processing using a range of software applications. Data outputs can be provided in several different formats including SPSS and csv files.

Your Source also offers data mining, analysis and reporting. Our team of experts are adept at utilising data from various sources to answer key questions. From the simplest top-line report to more complex, insight reporting which may include advanced analytics or marketing science.

Face to Face Interviews

Our long history of conducting face-to-face research spans multiple industries and locations nationwide.

We have a large team of interviewers with methodological expertise in face-to-face intercepts, depth interviews (one-to-one), one-to-many (self-completion surveys), purchase simulation tests, usage simulation tests, observation and shopping behaviour research.

Experience the Difference

Market and social research field consultants who are committed to delivering high quality data.